Inspired Choices offers a variety of specialized modalities:

  • Psychic/Medium Private Sessions  (in person or by phone) including:
  • Couple's Sessions
  • Motivational Coaching
  • Stress Management Sessions
  • Health Scans

Private Psychic/Medium Session

Some of the many topics addressed could be about spiritual growth, potential job opportunities, future events, and personally tailored information and guidance including past, present and future.  Most readings will include communication from loved ones on the Other Side. Your private reading will provide an overview of your life "map" and how best to honor your journey. Pivotal choices that have carved your own personal map are revealed, along with the necessary tools to change your direction. Discover your special gifts and life purpose and learn how to break detrimental ties to negative thinking and past events.


Couples Intuitive Session

Uncover the reason for difficulties in your relationship and learn how to stop repeating the same "mistakes." Discover your personality/archetype and learn how it directly impacts your personal, professional, and spiritual relationships.

Motivational Coaching

Who can't use a Psychic Cheerleader at times? Receive psychic guidance in reaching your personal goals whether it is a healthy relationship, learning self-confidence for a new dream job, or learning to keep your spirit in a good place. Learn the difference between manifesting what you want versus wishful thinking. Vicki offers step-by-step motivation and encouragement - you don't have to do it alone!

Stress Management

Chronic stress is a major contributing factor to physical illness and emotional/psychic unrest. Learn the tools necessary to better cope with career pressures, family dynamics and financial struggles. Health can improve when the causes of stress can be identified and addressed. Learn how toxic thoughts create a toxic body. Learn how to reach a state of mind to bypass the saboteurs of doubt and fear - the biggest obstacles to positive change. This program can be taught in a corporate workshop forum.  


Psychic Energetic and Chakra Health Scans

Vicki looks at your personal Energy Field around you and reveals a loss of power at an energetic level that is causing dis-ease. Debris in your Energy Field causes "leaks" in your physical, emotional, and psychic well being. Blocked Chakras cause blocked energy in your "Energy Bank."  Learn how to unblock your Chakras to enjoy radiant health. Medical intuition is used to determine where the loss of power is, not to diagnose a specific illness.

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