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Inspired Choices offers a variety of resources to help you on your journey including Vicki's books, motivational tapes and specialized, focused lectures & seminars.


Vicki is proud to announce her latest book "Coffee, Doughnuts & God"

Coffee, Doughnuts, & God. ($19.95 +SH)
This book promises to be motivational, entertaining, an inspiring. It is a must-read for those seeking direction in their lives. Email Vicki at to order this book!


Lectures & Seminars
Contact Inspired Choices to have Vicki speak at an upcoming seminar, conference or organizational meeting. She gives lectures on thought provoking topics such as:

Coffee, Doughnuts & God
Based on the principles in her book, Vicki will motivate you to improve your life, regain your own empowerment, and move through your journey with joy and trust.

Phantom Debt vs. Karma
What is Phantom Debt vs. Karma and how do we discern the difference? Phantom Debt drains us mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Man's thoughts, habits and character contribute to our destiny. Are your personal trials Karma or a Phantom Debt you think you "owe?"

Honor Your Sweet Spirit
Life purpose - How do you know what your purpose is and how do you honor it? Do you feel "authentic" or are you hiding behind a facade?  Learn how to break down the walls of deception and distrust, improve communication skills, and love the authentic YOU! 

Ten Power Steps to Wholeness
Learn to recognize detrimental life patterns and how to break them. Replace grief, sadness and despair with your own personal empowerment.

Toxic Thoughts - Toxic Body
Learn practical guides for healing mind, body and spirit.

Keys to Understanding Your Mate
Did you ever wonder why you and your mate know either compatibility or dissention? Understand your archetypes and learn how to live with your mate in harmony. Learn about four basic personality types and how they impact your relationships.

Enhance Your Psychic Abilities
Learn to better utilize your own innate psychic abilities and how to tune in to your own inner wisdom. Your Inner Wisdom talks - do you listen?

Life Purpose - How Does That Affect Your Chakras?
Are you honoring your life purpose? If you aren't then your energetic chakras will clog - there is a direct correlation with spiritual growth affecting your physical survival, your "inner laboratory," and your "high voltage" self. Learn how to "un-clog" and live life purposefully.

Soul Talk
Are you in a detrimental relationship? Do you keep repeating the same negative patterns? Do you sabotage yourself when it looks like your life is right? What role do you play in your family dynamics?
Learn to break life-long contracts; a "role" we learn to play that become patterns to fulfill the expectation of others.

Archetypal Compatibility
Archetypes - What are they? What if you and your mate have opposing archetypes much like opposing zodiac signs? Learn techniques on understanding and respecting the differences.



Walk On To Freedom - Moving Beyond Fear ($9.95 +SH)
Learn to meditate and visualize by listening to two guided meditations. Vicki's soothing voice will take you to relaxation and empowerment.