Note from Vicki  

Vicki learned from personal experience how to find her road to Empowerment!

  • Vicki is a polished professional who has successfully worked with clients from all over the world since 1975. She has an excellent and professional reputation within her industry and her personal clients. Vicki finds joy in helping others evaluate and deal with their life journey experiences from a metaphysical perspective. Through her readings she will guide you to:
  • Discover the power of self-healing that lies in each of us.
  • Learn methods to succeed in personal, professional, and spiritual relationships.
  • Improve self-esteem & self-worth.

"Beliefs, choices, and thoughts are powerful magnets - attracting health, joy and abundance, or the lack of it."
How does one gain the strength and focus necessary to achieve Power for Living?

"Each one of us is here to fulfill a unique purpose in life. When we stray from our intended path, we feel unfulfilled. We may even become physically ill. The way we think and the choices we make are either the bridge that keeps us off our path - or that puts us back on track. Personal power can be reclaimed. False beliefs and negative patterns can be changed."