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About Inspired Choices  
I was born with the gift of Clairvoyance and Clairaudience and have worked as a professional Psychic/Medium since 1975. My mission as a Psychic Medium is to honor my God given gift by maintaining an integrity based relationship with my clients, friends and family, communicating relevant information to my client(s) in an accurate and non-judgmental fashion, to help others maintain optimum physical health, to keep my internal and psychic filter clear and clean, to live my life authentically, and embrace and welcome my strong connection with God.

I have a successful working relationship with grieving families, law enforcement officials, private detectives, FBI and Special Forces helping to locate missing people and remains.  I also assist in finding circumstantial evidence for arrest and conviction to bring closure to grieving families.

The receptivity of people I encounter on a daily basis is amazing,
says Vicki. Most people are searching for insights to make their life more meaningful, authentic and are seeking answers about the greatest question of life...Where do I go after this life? It is my pleasure and joy to participate in this journey with my clients!

My book, Coffee, Doughnuts & God is a true account of my life as a Psychic. My personal life stories give insight to some of these very important questions: What if you could have coffee and doughnuts with God before entering this life. What if you had a choice in your life archetypes? Are you listening to your Inner Wisdom to help guide you through life and it's journey? What if you pray for something and the answer is no?
In 1989, Vicki was a wife, mother, and successful businesswoman when she received a life-threatening diagnosis. Doctors claimed she had only a few months to live. At first she accepted the prognosis and manifested a textbook case of the disease - until she changed her mind and embarked on her own path to wellness. Her decision to live, coupled with her intuitive gifts, revealed the root causes of the illness and the keys to recovery.

By listening to her own "inner wisdom" and honoring her "soul purpose," Vicki rejuvenated her immune system. By honoring her child within, she embarked on a path of self-discovery. The result was complete physical healing. Her journey is an inspiration! The wisdom she has to share serves as a guide map to the limitless possibilities in life!